Friday, 26 July 2013

Landscape Gardeners Are Like Outside Decorators!

When people buy a house they usually concentrate on doing up the inside first. This is because they have to live there obviously and don't want to be living in anywhere less than perfect. The outside area usually gets left until last and although this is understandable, a great looking outside makes people think that you've got a great looking inside too! The same goes the other way round of course.
Although it may seem like an expensive option, using a landscape gardener can actually be a good financial investment. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the job a landscaper will do will last for many years. Their knowledge of what works in a garden will save you from having to buy and re buy plants year after year. Most people tend to buy plants and flowers, put them in their garden and watch them die. This is because they don't have the information they need about soil, sun and the types of flowers that can grow in certain areas. People may see beautiful flowers on holiday but unfortunately we just don't have the weather to grow such flowers in this country. A landscape gardener will not only be able to get you plants and flowers that will grow well in a chosen spot but that will offer you colour all year round. Over the years this will save you a lot of money and effort.
Using a landscape gardener can also add value to your home. If you are hoping to sell your home in the current climate then the better your house looks, the more likely you are to get the money you need for it. If you consider that a professional decorator will do a far better job than most people, a landscape gardener will do a far better job than most of us could ever hope of doing. It's quite easy to see when a professional has done a job compared to the average person. Viewers will not fail to be impressed when they see an immaculate, mature, well thought out garden that can be used for a variety of purposes.
A lot of people like to sit in their gardens as well as grow vegetables and flowers. A good landscaper will be able to "zone" areas so that the outdoor space is used to its best advantage. Some people like a minimalist garden, or one that is easy to maintain. A landscape gardener will be able to make your garden look stunning without requiring you to do much maintenance. By using decking, lawn, patios, water features and lighting, even the smallest garden can look fantastic.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Backyard Garden

Your backyard garden is usually brimming with an array of unwanted pests throughout the summer season. One pest in particular, the mosquito, carries potentially hazardous consequences to the variety of species that are welcome additions to your garden. Read on to learn what actions you can take to prevent mosquitoes from invading your private haven as well as how to keep close friends, family members and beloved pets safe and sound while enjoying your backyard garden.
The first strategy is to limit your exposure to mosquitoes by simply limiting the mosquitoes; ability to reproduce. Mosquitoes reproduce by laying eggs in standing water, so, as a precaution, you should remove any sources of standing water around your home. Clear your yard of any clutter that will enable water to collect after it rains. Ensure that your rain gutters are clear of debris. Remove all bottles and cans from your backyard and place them into a tightly lidded trash can. Also remember to change pet water bowls everyday.
Burn tiki torches filled with citronella oil. Citronella oil is very effective in the evening when mosquitoes are most often at their worst. This oil delivers a natural repellant designed especially for mosquitoes and other pesky insects thus allowing you to take more pleasure in your backyard garden. The tiki torches also provide an unique ambiance that is certainly ideal for savoring your backyard environment. You can even opt to light citronella candle lights and apply repellants which are designed to spray on or massage into your skin. Working with these 100 % natural ingredients provides additional protection for yourself as well as for your youngsters from all of these harmful insects.
You may also choose to use garlic based mosquito repellants. These repellants are extremely effective in creating an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes, and it works for fleas and ticks as well. Using garlic based repellants is different from using citronella. While citronella is burned, garlic based repellents are applied to your lawn, backyard garden area and skin.
Another strategy to make your backyard garden mosquito unfriendly is to fill it with critters that feed on mosquitoes. There isn't anything exactly like a even bigger fish in the water to drive the smaller fish to other stomping grounds. Place trees and shrubs in your backyard garden that appeal to birds that feed on mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will supply an abundance of food for these particular birds while reducing the mosquito population one bite at a time. Purple Martins are renowned for dining on mosquitoes and are a welcome addition to your summer time garden.
Grow lemon thyme as part of your backyard garden. Crushed lemon thyme leaves are considered to be a simple yet effective repellent for mosquitoes. Selecting this particular plant for your personal garden will help you repel mosquitoes the natural way without creating any kind of bad smell in the process.
Mosquitoes are a substantial problem due to the heightened fears associated with West Nile Virus as well as other diseases. Mosquitoes often carry these diseases from one individual to another. For this reason, it's now more crucial than ever to manage the mosquito population and minimize your contact with these harmful insects. The majority of backyard gardeners prefer to accomplish this without incorporating other dangers, such as exposure to chemical substances.
These strategies have provided you with a good deal of natural alternatives to consider when thinking about managing the mosquito population in the backyard garden. Make use of these strategies and you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy your backyard garden with your family, relatives and friends throughout your entire summer.

Adding Beauty to Your Home With the Help of a Deck Building Service

Many people look at their home and consider their living space just the square footage that is given to them by a realtor when they buy the house, but this doesn't have to be the extent of the livable space that you enjoy when you own a home. If you would really like to make the most of the space in and around your home, you can bring the outside in and the inside out. A great way to add some living space to your home is with the addition of a deck.
A deck can be a great addition because it can be used as space where you entertain, a place to dine as a family or anything else that you could want to do. It can add square footage, not to the structure in terms of the actual home, but square footage for you to live in and enjoy.
Not sure that you could build a deck on your own? It can be a very complex project and if you don't have the skills, the tools or the patience to get it done on your own, there are deck building services that will get the job done for you. The great thing about going this route is that you can have them come out to your house, discuss what sort of deck you would like, and then you can get an idea of what they can do for you, if anything.
If you would like to hire a deck building service, you should ensure that you choose the right one. There are many to choose from and they are not all created equal. Your best bet would be to talk to the people that you know that have great decks, and inquire about what building service they may have been able to use. This will likely provide you with the names of several different deck building services that people have used and you can get some great feedback in terms of what they liked and didn't like about the builder that they used.
A great idea is to put a call into all of the services. Ask them to come out and look at the area and give you an estimate. This will not only allow you to see who is going to be most affordable, but also who is going to be the best to work with and who is going to provide you with the best looking and highest quality deck. You can ask for references in addition to the estimate, so that you know exactly what it is that you are getting into. Doing your homework ahead of time in this way, will ensure that you get the deck that you have dreamt of, and that you get the outdoor space that will serve you well and will make a great investment well into the future.

Friday, 23 June 2006

Areas in Chennai Which Makes for a Smart Investment!

If you are looking for a property in Chennai, chances are that you would've considered the regular go to localities like Tambaram and the OMR stretch. There is nothing wrong with investing in these localities but more often than not, the easily over-looked localities are the ones where you would get the best deals for the cheapest price.

Cheap necessarily need not mean lesser ROI (Return on Investment). It largely depends on the scope for development in the future and one area of Chennai where the real estate has loads of scope for expansion is North Chennai.

Gone are the days when North Chennai meant bad roads, poor infrastructure and unrefined population! Things have changed for the better and now the outlook about this area is slowly unraveling and property builders are aware of the potential that it creates.

The presence of the Outer Ring Road and the upcoming Metro Rail makes it an interesting proposition! Also under the spotlight is the Ponneri Smart City which has turned a lot more heads than anticipated. The state government too seems to be interested in making the port into a much larger business prospect that it already is. This has led to a number of small scale industries and assembly plants springing up in the locality making way for a lot of job opportunities.

High-rise buildings and gated community are also finding their way into the property map of North Chennai making it easy for prospective buyers to invest their money in the area. Land values are seeing a rise after being stagnant for some time now which is a clear indication about the opportunities that North Chennai offers.

The proposed expansion of the Ennore Port will only further accelerate the process. The 'Chennai Port Trust' is putting everything into upgrading the Chennai Port into a better facility. The increased commercial activity has also forced the state government to come up with a plan to free up the route to the port from the city outskirts. At present, heavy vehicles with trailers are not allowed into the city limits during the day to avoid accidents and help clear congestion on the arterial Ponnamalee High Road. The road runs along the heart of the city from the outskirts and is connected to two National Highways while ending up in the port. The 18 km long stretch is a big hurdle and causes lots of delays for freighters. An elevated highway has been proposed and is under construction. Once complete, the prices of Chennai real estate will shoot up over night!

Thiruvottiyur is a wonderful spot for property investment in North Chennai. A number of industries in the area and the upcoming residential projects surrounded by schools and hospitals make it an obvious choice. Manali, Tondiarpet and Kallathipet are other smart options for investment in North Chennai. Tollgate is another spot, with the bus terminus nearby, that will make it easy for people who work in other localities of Chennai.

Sunday, 9 October 2005

Six Economic Principles of Real Estate Valuation

Real estate valuation is the process of estimating a single price one would realistically pay to own a particular property. The method for residential property valuation that is most familiar to brokers and agents, of course, is the comparative market analysis (or, CMA). This property valuation process involves an estimate of value based upon the sale prices for other similar properties (or comparables) within the local market area, and/or other similar markets.

When preparing a CMA, a minimum of three recently sold comparable properties and three comparable properties currently for sale, are typically chosen to infer the price of the subject property. Differences between the comparable properties and the subject property are evaluated to add or reduce value in the analysis, and to estimate a fair market value of the subject property by using a comparison approach.

Valuation of commercial properties (i.e. office buildings, apartment buildings, single family communities, and plots of land) is largely influenced by various principles of economics. These principles are not usually factored into the typical CMA report for residential properties. The objective of this article is to shed some light on these principles in because they can be applied to any property valuation effort. They are the basis of our focus in this discussion as we look at and summarize six applied economic principles that can help give you an idea of the impact they can have on the value of a property.

1) Anticipation

This is the expectation of future benefits. In other words, real estate investors measure the value of real estate investment based on the anticipated future income stream generated by the property. They are more likely to value a property on the income it generates rather than the perceived market value inferred by a comparative analysis, or the construction and land costs required to replace the property. The expected, or anticipated, income generation capabilities of the asset is the primary focus.

This approach is not a surprise to those that have some understanding of commercial real estate investing; However, it is not common knowledge to the average property owner or buyer. The focus on purchasing anticipated cash flows can help expand the understanding of value in residential properties as well. For example, instead of thinking "how much is the property worth now", also think, "how much return would I purchased the property and rented it later". In a competitive environment, this approach and knowledge can make all the difference.

2) Conformity

This is defined as the need for reasonable similarity and compatibility in a given location. Compatible land uses, for instance, may generate higher values than those with limitations imposed upon the property due to location.

For example, an apartment complex located in a primarily residential area will most likely have more value than one located in a highly industrial area. Savvy commercial real estate investors are keen to this concept, while many residential home buyers may not pay close attention to adjacent or nearby land uses. Taking a broader view of surrounding uses can provide a deeper understanding of value, or perceived value, from an investment perspective.

3) Supply and Demand

This principal encompasses both the scarcity, and the demand for the subject property. Although investment real estate with similar physical and economic characteristics can sell for similar prices, real estate valuation can be greatly affected (higher or lower) within a market that lacks reasonable balance between supply and demand.

For example, land in a metropolitan area where undeveloped land is scarce, would demand greater value than land in a rural area with large parcels of vacant land. Likewise, an apartment complex selling at a time when there is more than enough supply to meet the rental demand, would have less value to a real estate investor than the same complex during a time when the supply of apartments in the area is lower and does not appropriately meet the demand.

4) Highest and Best Use

This is an important concept that relates to the highest possible use, and the best possible use of a property, as opposed to its current use. In other words, when it is legally possible, appropriately compatible, physically possible and financially viable to modify the use of a property, the value of the same property can be significantly increased.

For example, an office building can be enlarged to add more rentable office space or a retail on the first floor; or, an apartment complex can add more units or add mixed use features to the community enhancing its value.

Commercial real estate investors and developers use this principle to create value and to enhance cash flow. The principle can also be used in residential real estate when a buyer or owner of a residential property evaluates the highest and best use of the land per the municipal zoning and building codes, and considers adding or expanding the property's features and characteristics to enhance its value.

5) Contribution

This, essentially, means that the value of an income property can be impacted when it is physically, legally, and economically feasible to contribute more space to the property at a cost equal to, or less than, the marginal revenue that it generates. In other words, when value added offsets the cost of making the contribution or investment. In contrast to the principle of Highest and Best Use, this principle compares revenues or value to the benefits that the investment or contribution may produce. The question to ask after you've identified the highest and best use of your property is, does the investment or contribution required to achieve the highest and best use for the property make financial sense, or is it justifiable. You can add features to a home such as a pool and a deck, and you can add units to a multifamily building; The contribution question is, "will you be able to sell the home for the added value that you perceive you are creating, or will the new apartment units rent?"

6) Substitution

This is an opportunity cost concept. In other words, a rational real estate investor will not pay mor for an investment property than what the next best substitute with similar levels of risk will yield in financial benefit. For the residential buyer, owner or investor this means, examine all other options well. Often, residential home buyers fall in love with the first or second home they see, and can easily forego better opportunities as a result. This principle suggests evaluating and comparing numerous opportunities in the market before making a decision.

The six principles mentioned in this article are intended as an overview, to give you an idea of how other economic factors can affect the valuation of properties. While these principles are demonstrated in commercial real estate valuation, they also affect residential properties and should be observed when analyzing the value of any real estate property.

Trampoline Pads Replacement: Evaluate Shape and Size of Trampoline Pads Before Buying

All trampolines needs a safety pad regardless of their shape or size. Pads are necessary to avoid injury and also protect your springs. The quality of the trampoline pad is a factor which is usually easy to determine. Trampoline safety pads are usually composed of either PVC vinyl of polyethylene. PVC vinyl is an UV resistant material designed to withstand harsh UV rays for extended amounts of time. It is a durable vinyl which typically outlasts polyethylene material. Polyethylene is not UV resistant, making it prone to early deterioration. The standard width for a safety pad is 12 inches; however, there are some in the market which are 15 inches. The benefit of having a wider pad is that it helps protect the perimeter stitching on your trampoline mat, which is most sensitive to deterioration by UV rays.

Safety pads for round trampolines are usually the easiest to find. To determine what size pad you will need to purchase you should measure to and from the outside edge of the frame. Trampoline experts recommend that you take the same measurement in two different locations on the frame to be sure that you are purchasing the correct size pad. This measuring tip is recommended because often round trampolines tend to get warped over time, making a measurement in one direction smaller in one direction more than the other. Typically pads for round trampolines are stocked and ready for shipment.

Pads for trampolines that are not round can be more difficult to find. Many times trampolines that are not round require pads which are custom-made. The custom product is the result of the variance in sizes for trampolines which are not round as well as the fact that most people own round trampolines; therefore, companies stock round pads for the majority of trampoline owners. Measuring instructions can vary for custom products depending on the needs of the product designer. It is vital that the customer be as accurate as possible when measuring for a custom safety pad since most custom products are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Since the majority of trampoline owners possess round trampolines, round pads are generally less expensive than pads for trampolines that are other shapes. Though round safety pads may be less expensive, rectangular, square, octagonal, and other pads are usually composed of more durable materials causing them to last longer. Customers are encouraged to contact the safety pad company they are interested in purchasing from, to be sure that they are getting a high quality trampoline parts and accessories.

John A Matthew is marketing manager at Fun Spot Trampolines, company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying of trampoline pads and other trampoline parts worldwide and strives to provide you the superior quality trampoline parts replacement for your trampolines.

Sunday, 22 May 2005

Trampoline Replacement Parts for Different Kinds of Trampolines

Size is an extremely important factor when choosing trampoline replacement parts for your trampoline to refurbish. It is always important to follow the measuring instructions provided on the vendor's website when ordering trampoline parts.

Trampoline guides and manuals often contain inaccurate size information, which is why professionals always recommend that the customer actually conduct the measurements themselves, rather than relying on the manufacturer's information. Size information is needed for trampoline owners wishing to purchase springs, enclosure parts, a replacement mat or a replacement safety pad.

Dependable trampoline parts providers can be identified through good customer reviews, informative websites, easy to use order forms, competitive pricing and warranties, and a well trained staff. All of these factors should be reviewed when purchasing replacement trampoline equipment. Some suppliers are even willing to match the prices of other competitors, but you must call or email the company for more information on those specials. There are a few trampoline suppliers and manufacturers who also provide free shipping to all of their customers. Companies who cover the shipping expenses for customers can save the customer a lot of money, due to the increasing costs of shipping.

While searching for the best prices available for the trampoline replacement part you are searching for is important, be sure not to focus so much on the price that you overlook the quality of the product. The warranty available with the product is usually a good reflection on the quality of the product. Generally manufacturers who have strong faith in their product will provide a lengthy warranty with the item to prove that they stand behind the quality of their product. Beware of safety pads and mats that only have a 30 to 60 day warranty. Typically these trampoline parts are manufactured with poor quality materials that will deteriorate quickly. Usually the best quality safety pads have a 1-year warranty and mats should have at least a 2-year warranty.

Purchasing a trampoline should be a wise long-term investment if the customer is well informed on what a high quality trampoline consist of. A trampoline should not be thought of as a temporary item for entertainment. Instead it should be viewed as a purchase that will provide many years of bonding experiences and heart-warming memories. It is always beneficial for the customer to be informed on what a high quality trampoline consist of so a smart purchase can be made.